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Alternative Treatment Plans for Children With ADHD

Chiropractic adjustments on children diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have shown to have positive effects. While the chiropractors at local, family-owned Northern Lights Chiropractic don’t claim to treat the actual disorder, they can definitely help with the nervous system imbalances.

Diet modifications and treatment of misalignments in the spine have relieved ADHD for some patients.

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Chiropractic Treatments for Children with ADHD
Family Chiropractic Adjustments for Children

Bringing Hope for Children With ADHD

Kids are more stressed and they eat worse than the previous generations. This can lead to chemical imbalances and mood changes that are characteristics of ADHD. With more than 6 million children diagnosed with ADHD, the approach to treating our children should be multifaceted.

The long-term use of psychotropic medication in children before addressing the root causes does more harm than good. While the exact cause varies, those with ADHD are found to have many chemical and nervous system imbalances.

Early on, psychiatrists called attention and hyperactivity a brain disease. When the characterization as a “disease” and a “dysfunction” couldn’t be supported, they renamed it an attention disorder.

It has made medicating the issue much easier to do. Medications don’t cure the disorder, it may be time to take a more holistic approach to ADHD.

Contact the specialists at our family chiropractic practice to determine alternatives to treating your child.

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Top of the line chiropractic care!

They offer REAL spinal decompression and are spinal care specialists, the only ones in NORTHERN NEW YORK. So thankful I started coming here especially during the pandemic. My immune system is BULLET PROOF. The doctors have changed my life. Worth every penny! 100/10 recommended. Everyone needs to come in and get their spine and nervous system checked!

- Taylor Colburn, Watertown

Amazing Staff!

Spinal decompression saved my life! I highly recommend Northern Lights Chiropractic! The staff is amazing & always goes out of their way to accommodate me .. whether it be scheduling or finance.

- Lindsay Akin, Adams Center

Personalized Payment Program

Northern Lights Chiropractic is amazing! I went in thinking I would just be adjusted and go on my merry way, but they really took their time, explained how my spine was supposed to look and how mine actually looked. They worked out a payment schedule that fit with my budget and really seemed genuinely interested in my care. Everyone, from their office staff to their doctors have a great attitude, welcoming you by name from the first visit. I highly recommend Northern Lights Chiro to anyone who is interested.

- Jennifer Sibley, Glen Park

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