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Chiropractic Doctors for Pain and Headaches

Slow Your Pain With Our Effective Custom Plans for Chiropractic Treatments

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Chiropractic Doctors for Pain and Headaches
Chiropractic Doctors Treatment After Scoliosis Surgery

Let Us Find the Root of Your Pain and Treat It


The experienced chiropractic doctors at Northern Lights Chiropractic are qualified to diagnose your scoliosis and determine your degree of curvature. If the curve is less than 40 degrees, a custom chiropractic plan will be put in place to slow its progress.

Scoliosis develops during periods of growth in children before puberty. It’s often overlooked and goes unnoticed until it is evident. As kids grow without help from special braces, it can get worse. In children who are still growing, chiropractic treatments at Northern Lights Chiropractic, along with a corrective brace, can slow the progression of the curve.

Degenerative scoliosis affects post-menopausal women and men over 50. Osteoarthritis causes extra pressure on the vertebrae and accelerates the degenerative process. When the curvature reaches over 60 degrees, the increased pressure on the nerves and pressure on the lungs can lead to numbness in the legs and labored breathing.

After scoliosis surgery, the other parts of the spine are still overcompensating for the limited range of motions. The chiropractors at Northern Lights Chiropractic can help you set goals to increase your range of motion. They focus the treatment on meeting that goal and on to the next one. Before you know it, you have completely changed the effects scoliosis is supposed to have on you.

While there is no cure, not even after surgery, chiropractic adjustments can relieve the tension and pain caused by scoliosis by strengthening the weakened areas. You may have struggled with the discomfort and embarrassment of scoliosis all your life. Feeling better physically can help you feel better emotionally.

Chiropractic Doctors for Sciatic Nerve Pain
Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica and Herniated Discs
Chiropractic Doctors Treatment for Neck Pain
Chiropractic Doctors Treatment for Headaches and Migraines
Chiropractic Doctors Treatment for Women Headaches and Migraines
Chiropractic Doctors for Spine and Nervous Symptoms

Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatments

Our knowledgeable chiropractors will first assess your issue with X-Rays, MRIs, and CT scans. Understanding how sciatica is affecting you and why is paramount to developing a treatment plan. The length of treatment is dependent on the results of preliminary tests. You may be given stretches to do at home between your treatment to maintain or enhance the progress you will make.

The sciatic nerve is the largest in the body, starting from the lower back (lumbar area) through the buttocks down past the knee. When you have sciatic nerve pain, it’s possible to feel it all through the entire nerve. If you’re experiencing sciatica pain that makes it hard to sit, stand, or walk, visit Northern Lights Chiropractic to let the professionals diagnose the severity of your condition and relieve your pain.

Sciatica is more common in middle age and during pregnancy when the uterus puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. Herniated discs and degenerative conditions in the lumbar area like spinal tumors, stenosis, or piriformis. Over-exerting yourself at work or play can trigger it. Your chiropractor can always let you know if your sciatica is a symptom or a cause.

Don’t live with sciatic nerve pain. Get the help you need at Northern Lights Chiropractic.

Relief for Neck Pain

When you have whiplash from an accident or have a weird sleeping position, chances are you may suffer from neck pain. As a pivotal part of the spine, neck pain can slow down your body’s functionality. You will notice the difference in your body’s response to chiropractic treatments for neck pain from Northern Lights Chiropractic.

Having neck pain can easily be dismissed as stress. While stress is nothing to balk at, neither is a potentially serious neck injury. An assessment by our New York board-certified chiropractors should determine if the issue is muscular or a spinal injury. Neck pain can go from a crick to loss of full mobility.

If your neck pain is due to stress, poor posture, bone abnormalities, or joint issues, the longer you deal with it, the more degenerative the condition becomes. Your chiropractor will address corrective measures to help you sleep, walk, and sit to avoid neck pain. Trauma such as whiplash

  • Sleeping position
  • Poor posture
  • Repetitive stress
  • Abnormalities in the bone structure
  • Joint issues
  • Muscle strains and pulls

After your evaluation, the goal will be to alleviate pain without medication. Long-term medications have more side effects than they have cures. Take the opportunity to get a specialized massage designed to relieve your pain and not add to it. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Headaches and Migraines

Living with headaches and migraines makes living a full life next to impossible. At a minimum, headaches change your mood. At their worst, the pain of a migraine is debilitating. It’s easy to treat the issue of the pain and not the root cause with medication. The trouble with medications is you can become dependent and addicted, and they only mask the problem.

The source of migraines is the brain stem’s interaction with the trigeminal nerve, making it a physical issue. Being aware of chemical triggers, along with regular adjustments at Northern Lights Chiropractic, can lessen the pain of migraines and severe headaches over time.

You may have been suffering from the symptoms of migraines and severe headaches for years. Light and noise intolerance and nausea are just the beginning. Fighting hallucinations and depression are an added battle that will also need to be treated with prescription medicine.

Your spine ties together all the systems in your body. If it’s not working properly, your entire body is thrown off balance. If you have suffered an impact injury from sports, play, or work, your nervous system communicates not only the pain but also how to deal with that pain. The first response for the upper back, neck, and facial muscles are to tighten. A tight muscle controls the alignment of the spine. This constant activation of muscles can lead to headaches and migraines.

The good news is these muscles can be persuaded to relax with the expertise of an experienced chiropractor.

As chiropractic doctors, the team at Northern Lights Chiropractic understands the structure and functionality of your nervous system. To design your chiropractic treatment plan, your X-Rays and CT scans will be thoroughly assessed. Our treatments are goal-driven and non-invasive and will be safely administered with the right timing allowed to achieve the best results.

Trust our team at Northern Lights Chiropractic if you are struggling with migraines or headaches.

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Top of the line chiropractic care!

They offer REAL spinal decompression and are spinal care specialists, the only ones in NORTHERN NEW YORK. So thankful I started coming here especially during the pandemic. My immune system is BULLET PROOF. The doctors have changed my life. Worth every penny! 100/10 recommended. Everyone needs to come in and get their spine and nervous system checked!

- Taylor Colburn, Watertown

Amazing Staff!

Spinal decompression saved my life! I highly recommend Northern Lights Chiropractic! The staff is amazing & always goes out of their way to accommodate me .. whether it be scheduling or finance.

- Lindsay Akin, Adams Center

Personalized Payment Program

Northern Lights Chiropractic is amazing! I went in thinking I would just be adjusted and go on my merry way, but they really took their time, explained how my spine was supposed to look and how mine actually looked. They worked out a payment schedule that fit with my budget and really seemed genuinely interested in my care. Everyone, from their office staff to their doctors have a great attitude, welcoming you by name from the first visit. I highly recommend Northern Lights Chiro to anyone who is interested.

- Jennifer Sibley, Glen Park

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